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Women’s Tees

womens_gildan_5000LWe group women’s tees into two categories: traditional and fashion fit. We’ll list the traditional fit tees first.

The Gildan 2000L, a traditional tubular tee, and 5000L, a gently tapered shirt, are companion products to the 2000 and 5000 at 6.0 and 5.3 ounces respectively. They’re each available in most of the same colors as their companions. There are other traditional fit shirts available, but these two pretty much cover the territory.

The Comfort Colors 3333 and 3099 are both 5.4 ounce ring spun garment-dyed shirts. The 3333 has a scoop neck and cap sleeves and is available in 33 colors. The 3099 is a v-neck available in 20 colors.

The Anvil 1441 is a 5. ounce ring-spun scoopneck shirt available in 14 attractive colors. We’ve used this shirt happily for quite a few years.

Slim Fit

The Gildan 64000L Softstyle is the companion to the 64000 and like it, the 64000L is a made from a soft yarn spun into a 4.5 ounce fabric. It features a tapered fit. It is a nice shirt and makes a good less expensive alternative to the American Apparel 2102.

The Bella 1001 and 1005 combine the best of all worlds. The are both made of ring-spun cotton and are 5.8 ounce baby rib shirts with a nice contour fit. The 1001 is a scoop neck shirt with cap sleeves. The 1005 is a v-neck.

The American Apparel 2102 is a companion to their 2000. It, too, is a form-fitting shirt of the softest 4.3 ounce cotton you will find anywhere.

The Comfort Colors 4200 is their finest garment dyed women’s tee, sewn with a fitted silhouette. It’s of ring-spun 4.8 cotton and is available in 37 colors.

And here’s a whole world of women’s clothing, all printable, for you to examine.

Due to the personalized nature of custom t-shirt printing and the fact that pricing depends on the treatment given the garment, the garment itself, and the size of the order, we do not publish prices. We’ll be happy to quote you by phone or email and give you a firm price with no possibility of surprises down the road. Our customer service representatives, Ed and Cory, are both knowledgeable and experienced, both willing to help make the often overwhelming process quite simple.


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