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The ever popular Gildan 2000 T shirt

By far, the top two shirts we sell are the Gildan 2000 and the Comfort Colors 9030.

The Gildan 2000 is a 6.1 ounce 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt of the finest quality. It’s available in almost 70 different colors. It’s been our favorite shirt for a number of years; it’s still our favorite.

OK, so we have two favorite shirts. Our other favorite shirt is the Comfort Colors 9030. The Comfort Colors line is dyed in Vermont and is a 6.1 ounce 100% cotton garment dyed shirt. It runs about $1.25 more than the Gildan 2000.

Our next most popular shirt is the Gildan 5000, similar to the Gildan 2000, but lighter weight at 5.3 ounces. The 5000 runs about 25¢ less than the 2000 and, having become very popular in the last few years, is now available in 59 colors.

The American Apparel 2001 is probably the nicest basic t-shirt available. It’s lighter weight than the Gildan shirts above, but the cotton is much finer and the knitting tighter, the shape more stylish than the typical shirt. American calls it the softest, smoothest, best looking t-shirt available anywhere and I’m not about to argue with them. Expect to pay about $2.00 more for this shirt than you would for the 2000.

With the great interest in organic products in recent years, Comfort Colors has now introduced the Aurum Organic Tee. It has the same small collar, fashion cut as the American Apparel 2001 and its imitators. Of the organic shirts on the market, it’s our favorite and the price is right. That said American Apparel offers a few more exciting colors than Aurum, but they’re considerably more expensive. Like all other American Apparel items, we can get it for you.

The Gildan 6400 Softstyle is their response to the increased desire for better fitting garments than the classic boxy tee. Like the other “fashion” tees it’s lighter weight at 4.5 ounce. While the cotton is not as finely woven as the American Apparel, it is a fine alternative at nearly $2.00 less per.

The Hanes Beefy-T was for many years the best selling t-shirt in America and our primary shirt and still retains its position on the west coast. Price is the main reason it’s been supplanted by the  Gildan 2000 as it runs over $1.00 more per. The big difference between these two 6.1 ounce shirts is that the Beefy is of ring-spun cotton, which is considerably softer than the open end cotton of the 2000.

While these are our most popular shirts, they represent just a smattering of what’s available. There are hundreds of others here and we can get any or all of them for you.

Due to the personalized nature of custom t-shirt printing and the fact that pricing depends on the treatment given the garment, the garment itself, and the size of the order, we do not publish prices. We’ll be happy to quote you by phone or email and give you a firm price with no possibility of surprises down the road. Our customer service representatives, Ed and Cory, are both knowledgeable and experienced, both willing to help make the often overwhelming process quite simple.


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