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Digital T-Shirt Printing

Digital Printing allows us to print multiple color designs for lower costs than screen printing. Digital printing uses water based inks instead of oil based ink with silk screening. Prints are usually more muted colors than with silk screening and do not work on polyester or blended shirts.  When deciding whether to print a process design digitally or by screen process, several factors come in to play.

1. Short runs – Short multi-color runs will always be less expensive printed digitally, due to set up time on the press and the cost and time involved in burning screens.

2. Medium runs – Here we have a balancing act. Screen printing is always faster than digital; set up time is always faster with digital. We’ll help you decide which way to go by giving you the alternatives.

3. Long runs – Long runs are generally less expensive when screened.

4. Other factors – Solid colors generally reproduce better by the screen process. Images with high resolution will reproduce better by the digital method. We’re always happy to advise.

5. Our machine works best with 100% cotton garments. We are happy to test out a blended shirt (polyester/cotton/rayon..etc) but we recommend 100% cotton shirts.

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Besides digital printing, we offer other screen printing options

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