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We are located at:

420 Pine Street.
Burlington, VT 05401

• Phone:
 800-272-2066 • 802-864-7630

• E-mail:

The simplest, most direct way for us to quote you on your job is directly over the telephone. When you call us toll-free at 800-272-2066, we can discuss your needs and the specifics of the job and quote with a great degree of certainty. Given the type of job and the time of year, our price list may be somewhat flexible. (We also offer a 10% discount to non-profit organizations.)

However, if you’d like to communicate by email, shoot us a message and let us know what you’re looking for.

The information we’ll need is the shirt type, color, quantity (or range), the number of impressions the shirts will receive and the number of ink colors per impression.

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Here is an aerial view of exactly where we are. We are accessible from either Pine Street or Howard Street. Either set of dotted lines will bring you right to our door


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Looking to get some shirts printed? Whether you're local here in Burlington, or located elsewhere, we'd love to hear from you! Whether you're looking for our minimum order of 12 pieces, 36 or 100, or thousands, we're here to help.
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420 Pine St. Burlington, VT 05401
Call us at 800-272-2066 or 802-864-7630
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