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Why ACW?

Why Amalgamated Culture Works: 10 Reasons

ACW merchadise display1. Competitive Pricing. Call us for a quote for your custom screen printing or digital needs. We believe you’ll find that our prices are quite reasonable when compared with other printers with our degree of experience.

2. The kind of quality work that 33 years experience guarantees. We’ve been doing the same thing since 1981, while continuing to learn new techniques. We know what we’re doing and we know enough to tell you if there’s something you want that we can’t do.

3. We do not collect Sales Tax. There is no sales tax on clothing in Vermont.

4. Free Screen Prep. While most companies charge $30 per color for screen prep full size prints and $15 for pocket size prints, we no longer charge for screen prep. The only exception is with our Internet Special where only the first screen is free.

5. Convenience. Why drive across town or possibly across several towns? You can work with us from your desktop or telephone. We can create artwork for you or work with your own. You can email us artwork in almost any format and we’ll be glad to email you a proof of your final copy or post it (well hidden, for only you to see) on our website.

6. Quick Turnaround. Except for extremely large orders, we turn around most everything within one week of the time of final artwork approval.

7. Flexibility. We can create art for you or work with your own. We accept artwork online in any number of formats: tiff, eps, jpg, png, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand and more.

8. We offer a huge variety of printable garments. We inventory very little, but work with wholesalers who carry an astonishing array of printables who can get them to us overnight. Let us know what you want. We can have it here tomorrow. Take a look here at our multitude of choices in custom logo shirts.

9. Friendly service. We have been in business for 33 years because we recognize that service comes first. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We take great pleasure in knowing that we provide an item, printed t-shirts, that make people happy. We want to make the process of buying t shirts a pleasant one for you.

10. All of our work is done right here, under our watchful eyes. As you look around the web, you’ll find that most of the companies that show up at the top of searches, do so for one simple reason: they are web-marketers, not printers. They build web-sites and know how to get great placement on Google. And then they farm the work out to printers like us. We’re not web marketers; we’re printers. We do all the work right here. Me, Ed, Cory, Rob, Jonah, Nate, and Tim. Click here for more detailed information about our great design team. We have custom screen printing down to an art!

Looking to get some shirts printed? Whether you're local here in Burlington, or located elsewhere, we'd love to hear from you! Whether you're looking for our minimum order of 12 pieces, 36 or 100, or thousands, we're here to help.
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