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Syracuse Custom Shirts is something that Amalgamated Culture Works has been doing for over three decades – since 1981 to be precise. With our shop situated along the NY state border, it’s no wonder why ACW has racked up so many loyal customers in the neighboring empire state. Rest assured that when you choose ACW for your printing needs, you won’t regret giving us your business and you’ll quickly see why folks in New York continue to rely on us.


Sadly, many printing companies today are not actually doing the printing – they’re simply farming out their orders to actual printing companies like ours. That’s not how things operate at Amalgamated Culture Works. We take pride in knowing that all of our work is done right here in-house, under our watchful eyes at our little shop in Burlington.

When choosing a printer, it’s important to make sure that your work is being done by someone who you can speak to – avoid faceless companies who do not even see your final product!

Can’t make the trip to our print shop to pick up your order in person? No problem! UPS Ground Shipping generally only takes ONE day to ship orders throughout New York! This can be a huge advantage to using ACW, as opposed to other printing companies outside of the Northeast, where you will likely be charged more shipping fees in addition to your shirt order taking longer to reach you.

With the ACW crew being a bunch of laid back Vermont folks’ means that we love getting the opportunity to meet our customers in person – we also recognize that this isn’t always ideal, especially for our customers who have tight schedules and businesses to run. That said, we’re proud to serve our customers who come from literally all around the country – many of which are located in New York state including Syracuse, but also many other customers who are in Boise, Orlando, and St Louis – and many points in between. Location aside, there’s many reasons why customers love working with ACW, but it usually boils down to our competitive pricing and unbeatable customer service.


Amalgamated Culture Works had our order at the door within 5 days of first calling them. The price was right and the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was friendly and helpful. You have another happy customer, thanx.
– Ellen W. (Syracuse, NY)


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